Are you experiencing an error on your furniture, please send an email to >><< In this mail we ask that you provide the following information so we can process your request as quickly as possible (we aim to deal with your complaint within 3 working days):

  • Your order number
  • The furniture's serial number ( 6 digits appearing on the small white mark in the buttom of the furniture "QC passed" )
  • Attach 3-5 photos: Closeups and overview pictures.
  • Description of the problem and when it occurred.

Sofacompany uniquely provides a lifetime warranty on the inner frame. In addition, we offer 30 months warranty on all products for use in private homes. The warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear. Depending on the model, wrinkles in the covers can be a natural result of usage.
  • Usage changes in upholstery materials such as foam, feathers and springs.
  • Conditions caused by lack of or proper maintenance.
  • Assembly and setup which is not consistent with the assigned
  • Migration from other objects and clothing as well as stains from food, liquids and the like.
  • Most sofas are the bottom covered with a very thin fabric that can easily crack during transport. It has no practical or cosmetic significance, once the sofa is put in place. A small hole in the bottom of the cloth does not give rise to complaint handling.
  • Complaints about defects which should be detected by normal examination when first recieving the furniture must be notified Sofacompany within a reasonable time.
  • With regards to return of approved complaints, Sofacompany cover all shipping expenses if you live in Klang Valley, Malaysia

If you have questions feel free to contact us here