To ensure as long as long as possible life for your furniture, we recommend you follow our care instructions. Check out our section on 'Materials', for a specific walk through of the most optimal care on your material.

As a rule, you should always have your product professionally cleaned and should never use chemical cleaning agents. There are specialist who clean furniture.

Coarse clothing fabric may, in some cases, leave marks. Always have your product professionally cleaned - it extends the product's lifetime. Please note that all furniture can become damaged or affected by direct sunlight. It causes even the most colourfast material to fade.

Regularly stroke the sofa material with your hands, to smooth out any folds. Depending on the sofa's build and model, folds in the cover will be a natural consequence of product use.

If you use the furniture for its intended purpose and for private use and follow our care instructions, you can look forward to a long life for your Sofacompany furniture.